Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still searching for my path

Writing the same old things in my blog posts.  Because I keep thinking my life is not right, but I can never find a way out.

I think druids do  not fly in airplanes.

But, seeing family is important, and it's not my choice that some of them live so far that airplane is the only way to see them.

I do want to have a job.  My job is boring now and I feel my intelligence is lessening.  I want to grow my mind, grow my skills, grow my knowledge, and I want to contribute to my community.

One did animal rights.  One does circus performance.  One is a family man earning a living as a musician.  Their paths seem so clear, so right for them.    I wish my path were so clear.  And yet, it is.  I know what it is.  That's not really the question.  The question is really how to translate it from abstraction to action.

My passion: to create a sustainable society.  It's about renewable energy, responsible use of resources, and simple living.  But it is also about how we relate to each other, because if one group is oppressed, that is not sustainable, because the oppressed will rise up.  It is about learning to live together without poverty, violence, or injustice, about creating a society in which all can flourish.  My passion is about building this society, not about protesting against those who live a different way.  My passion is to care for my family, my community, and the earth.  And what I have to contribute to my family, my community, and the earth has to do with writing, compiling information, passing on the stories, passing on the information about what has been tried before, passing on not only facts, but that which will inspire people, whether it is music, photos, or stories.

So that is my passion, but like they say, think globally, act locally.  Pete Seeger cared about the world, but he worked on fixing the Hudson River because that was where he lived.

I can't make the whole world live by my values.  But I can find some little pocket of people working toward the same things I care about, and work with them to put these values into expression in our community.

So that's my implementation problem, to my way to act locally, to find the community to which I can commit myself, and to find the way that I can contribute to that community.

I know some people would say don't wait to find the perfect community, just live out your values in the world in which you find yourself.  But no, that's not the answer.  I do my best in the world in which I find myself, but I know I need to make a move to somewhere else -- at least a different job, if not a different city.  Because there are times when the community in which you find yourself is just not the right one for you.  The town I grew up in was also not the right one for me.  People never trust me when I tell them I need to move on. They tell me I ought to appreciate what I have.  But I know the difference.  I know it was time to move on years ago, I just haven't found a way out.

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