Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why I hate my job

Last night I went to a dinner at a hotel. They do lots of events there, like conferences, weddings, graduations, etc. They are really good at it. Anything we wanted, they were there to accommodate. We arrived carrying boxes of supplies for our event. They hastened to take the boxes, to carry them for us. As we sat there at the registration table, checking in our guests, they brought us water to drink. When we told them that more people had asked at the last minute to attend, they said, "Would they like beef, fish or pasta?" Where I work, it would not have been like that. It would have been like, "The final count was due two weeks ago. We can't add more people now." "If you want to drink water, that's $5 extra." "We don't carry boxes, that's not our job." And it's, "Your form was signed in blue ink, so we rejected it, because we require black ink." "You can't do that unless you fill out three forms." And to do anything, you have to submit a spreadsheet to one office, wait two weeks for them to process it, then submit a form to another office, wait two weeks for them to process it, then submit another form, wait another two weeks for it to be processed, then if approved it goes to another office. And that's why I hate my job. I want to be where people actually try to be helpful.

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