Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poets in the everyday world

Often, before meditation, I'll read a little in a druid book, and draw something from the reading to use as a meditation theme.  Tonight my theme came from The Path Through the Forest by Julie White and Graeme Talboys.  According to the book, the Celtic people "had the ability to see and live in the everyday world as poets of the divine." 

So I sat there, and I saw the trees silhouetted against the sky.  I saw the leaves fluttering in the breeze.  I saw the exquisiteness of this moment.  The trees are always there, but sometimes we take them for granted.  Sometimes we don't see them.  In that moment, I saw them.  

 Then I heard the neighbor say, "Oh shit!" Then I heard a helicopter loudly circling above me.  

Poetry is not only about beauty.  It's about seeing each moment, whatever that moment may contain.

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