Saturday, May 12, 2012

If only that were enough for me

The mothers, the women, they like me because I'm a good girl.
They like me because I do my duty, I take care of other people.
But if I try to talk of what's really on my mind, they wash me away.
Don't worry about that, they tell me.
Things are fine just as they are, they tell me.

The men, well, the gay men, they show me warmth and affection.
They know it's safe. They know they'll never have to love me.
The men on the street, they tell me I'm hot.
They like the outside of me.
But they know nothing of the inside.
The men who know the inside of me, they keep me away.
Oh, they wish they had a girl.
But not me.
For they've seen the inside of me.
They know I'm not the one they want.

The colleagues, they like that I do such a good job at my work.
That's all that matters, that they get what they need from me.
Not that I'm dying of boredom at that place.

The businesspeople, they smile at me when I give them my money.
They call me by name.
Nothing like a little money to grease the wheels of friendship.

We humans, we were born with the desire to be loved.
A most inconvenient thing.
I hear a bird, singing for the dawn.
If only that were enough for me.

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