Friday, August 8, 2014

Choosing how to spend my time

Maybe I'm getting ready to let go.

Radio show.  Time bank.  Morris dance. My activities for the past two years.  Feeling like it's too much.  Not wanting to let go of any of them.

Each one fills a different niche.  They complement each other.

But instead of thinking of what I value about them, I think about what I could do if I opened up more time in my life.

The radio show will be the first to go.  The Morris dance might have to go too.  The time bank is staying.

What I want to do:

  • Dance and movement: tai chi, Nia, free dance, learn various kinds of dance.  
  • Music: learn to play musical instruments and sing.
  • Spend time outdoors: sit on my balcony, go for walks, possibly snowshoeing, kayaking, and cross country skiing.  Sit on rocks beside the ocean.  
  • Be part of a community with people who share my values:  time bank, transition group, UU congregation, and food co-op.
  •  Spend time with family, especially my niece and nephew because they are little, and I think when people are little, we need to see them more often, because time is different for them.
  • Read, write, compile photos, etc.
  • In addition to having free time to read, write, and compile whatever I feel like doing at the time. I also want to accomplish some things.  I want to write three books: one on my family history, one that is my autobiography, and one that is a compilation of nature photos showing the changing of the seasons. 
  •  Live in a solar house.  
  • Spiritual: meditation, ritual, Dances of Universal Peace, tai chi, OBOD, UU, time outdoors. 
  • I do not like doing chores, but I want to have a system in place so that without too much effort, I can get things taken care of with regard to food, clothing, finances, housing, transportation, and health.  I want my home to be a spiritual refuge, free of clutter and decorated in a way that I like.  
  • I want to have sufficient financial resources to maintain food, clothing, finances, housing, transportation, and health.  This presumably will require a job.  
What I want from a job:
  • Focus on integrity and quality rather than on profit-seeking.
  • Comfortable environment, including free of bullying, and able to dress comfortably.  
  • Work that is not unpleasant to do.
  • Work that does not go against my values.   
My immediate concern is that the summer is slipping by, and I want to spend more time outdoors before it goes.  I can think of two ways to do that.  One is to go to a Labor Day weekend event that is happening around here that involves camping out.  The other is to take some vacation time and spend it going to the ocean.  

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