Friday, July 4, 2014

Your worth is not measured by your ability to get a job

Wke up 3am.
Couldn't sleep.
Swirl of thoughts
envy for people who can get jobs
someone said that because she has a specialized skill, only a small number of jobs are available to her.
said she would have more options if she worked in retail or fast food.
for most people those aren't options.
my friend she has a master's degree
she had a good job for a while
a dream job
but jobs in that field fizzled up
for years she has had a part-time job selling mattresses at Sears
no, it's not that she has a lot of options because she works in retail.
She works in retail because she has no other options.
A person with a PhD works as a doorman.

When I was a senior in college, I applied for many jobs.  Got no offers before graduation.  Finally got my first offer four months later.  Took it.  Had no options.

Two years later, my friend graduated.  He did not apply for nearly as  many jobs as I did.  At the time of graduation, he had three offers.  He chose the one he liked best.

We were both smart. We were both hard-working.  We had had summer jobs on campus at our college.  We had not had a lot of extracurricular involvement.  We were the same.

Except two things.
One.  We both majored in what we liked, but what he liked was valued more in the job market.
Two. He was more outgoing. Outgoing people tend to make better impressions in interviews.

It's foolish, the way the economy values certain skills, and people end up thinking those people are more skilled, better people and the people who are unemployed and underemployed must not be working hard enough at jobhunting.

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