Monday, July 14, 2014


I joined the AODA 4 years ago, and I saw right away how into censorship they are.  I figured I would bear with them for a while, see what I could learn.  No group will be everything I want them to be, but they might still have something to offer.  In my first two years, I completed the First Degree curriculum.  In the second two years, I've been making some strides toward the Second Degree curriculum, but I haven't been going at it full-time like I did with the First Degree.  I thought that at some point I would be ready to buckle down and really focus on the Second Degree.  Possibly when I have fewer other things going on.

But today I saw another instance of censorship.  It was so ridiculous, so stupid. Basically, someone can use a phrase, and wonder about what it means, but they can't post a link to the history of the phrase, because the phrase was used by pacifists.  The AODA thinks that is political.  A while ago I asked if peacemaking could be considered an area of study in AODA.  My question was censored.  I received a private message saying that AODA druids don't talk about peacemaking because that's politics.  Apparently this is such a controversial question that it cannot even be asked and answered in a public AODA forum.

Also, we cannot discuss anything about healing, because that could be construed as giving medical advice.

I don't think I can continue with the AODA.  It is against my conscience to squash an article about history because there were different political sides existing in history.  That is not druidry.  Druidry is about learning.  It is about exploring knowledge, not about hiding knowledge from view.

I am a druid.  I want to be in community with other druids.  Maybe I'll try OBOD.  But maybe not now, when I'm already involved in more things than I can handle.  I also want to get involved in UUism.  The advantage of UUism is that it would be an in-person spiritual community.  UUs believe in what I believe in, but they come to it from a lot of different traditions.  I want fellowship with people who are specifically pantheist druids.  I am finding that the pantheist is perhaps more important than the druid.  I find that many druids who identify as pagan really aren't the same as me.

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