Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where I'm at as the solstice approaches: what I wish for, what I'm grateful for

Annoying things:
  • Doctors who diagnose you with "non-wheezing" asthma, and then at all future visits, when they check in to see how you are doing with your asthma, they say, "Have you had any wheezing?"
  • People who complain about something, but when you offer them the thing they are complaining about, they refuse it.  They'd rather keep complaining.
  • When you tell people you are not feeling well they just keep telling you that you should adopt their favorite remedy, and can't really grasp the fact that you have already tried it and it did not work.
  • Going to a meeting in an auditorium with three coworkers. I'm in the lead as we enter an aisle of seats.  I walk toward the middle of the aisle, when the coworker says in a demanding tone, "One two three."  She insists that I choose the third seat in, so that the three of us are on the end, and that anyone else who wants to sit in the row has to climb over us.
Now it might seem that the second and third things above are different sides of the same thing, but it's different.  The people who complain say exactly what they want and you offer that exact thing and they refuse it.  They say, "I wish someone would clear the snow out of my driveway," and I say, "I know someone who will do that for you." When I'm not feeling well, I don't say, "I wish someone would tell me their favorite remedy," I say, "I'm tired," and they say, "You should quit your job and move to the country," even though I have taken time off work and spent that time in the country, and felt just as tired when I did, and I have felt fine for months while going to my job and living in the city. 

Things I wish were different:
  • I wish I wasn't tired all the time.
  • I wish I could spend more time with my niece and nephew.  
  • I wish there were people in my life with whom I could express my playful, silly side.
What I'm grateful for:
  • That my job gives me enough money to live in an apartment I like, wear clothes I like, and have a car that works.  
  • That I live in walking distance of my job.  Last night it was snowy.  As I walked home from work, the cars were sliding all around, and I was especially glad to not be in a car.
  • Where I live.  It's not where I planned to end up, and still not necessarily where I plan to stay forever, but for a place where I landed by accident, I got pretty lucky.  

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