Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's melancholy

A video that touched me today:

I feel honored that I know one of the creators of this video.  I have watched it three times so far today, and three times it has made me cry.  It touches the sadnesses of life: the people we've lost, and the fact that our life didn't turn out the way we expected or hoped.

I am not who I should be.

My values say to treat everyone with kindness and respect, and to reach out to those in need.  In reality, I am withdrawn, and I turn away from those in need.

My values say learn to create things yourself, and value that which is made locally.  In reality, if I need something, I order it from the internet.

My values say savor beauty, and dance with joy and silliness.  In reality, I curl up at home, feeling sick.

My values say earn your living doing something you believe in.  In reality, I earn my living doing things I think are wrong.

My values say spend time with family.  In reality, I do not live near anyone in my family.

I'm tired of the people who say, "So, change your life."  Sometimes you can't. I'm tired of people who say, "What do you mean, you can't? You can do anything if you set you mind to it."

That's why this video touches me.  Because it says sometimes we are just sad.  It doesn't say, "You have no right to be sad, because you ought to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and live your dreams."

The people who made this video, they have such skills --  making the puppets, manipulating the puppets, writing the script, singing, acting, filming, editing video, editing sound, etc.  What skills do I have? Is there anything I can offer the world?

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