Saturday, September 7, 2013

Strangely happy

I find myself feeling content today.

I was downtown for 5 hours today, at the farmer's market and nearby stores.  At the market, I had breakfast, got groceries, and spent some time tabling for a community group I'm involved in.  I liked being part of the community.

And then I went home, and I liked having quiet time at home to do whatever I wanted, to not have to be running around going places.  I compiled photos and compiled a playlist for my radio show.  I like compiling stuff, listening to beautiful music, and looking at beautiful photos.

There was a festival tonight, with fireworks.  I wanted to go, but it would have been too much. This year I didn't go to our county fair either.  I didn't go to the July 4th festival and fireworks that I usually go to.  I only went kayaking once.  In the past, missing those things would have upset me.  I think growing older means accepting that you can't do everything, living within your energy level, and savoring that which you do, rather than aspiring to do everything.  In the past, I have pushed myself to do things I wanted to do, and I learned from experience that they're not enjoyable if I'm tired and sick while I'm doing them.  If I'm feeling tired and sick, as I was today, I will find more enjoyment in compiling playlists than I will in going to festivals.

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