Saturday, March 19, 2016

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy: Chapter 4: Coping with the Diagnosis

The book says that when we get diagnosed with ADHD, we may be relieved, and we may think that once we go on medication, we can be the normal person we always wanted to be.  However, when we go on the medication, we find that it can't make us into a normal person, and we become depressed.

It's good to know this.  The book also talks about how the despair is part of the journey, and if we continue through the despair, we can find a better life.

After getting the diagnosis, we may feel anger:
  • "Why did everyone...blame my difficulties on depression, lack of motivation, or poor character?"
  • "Why didn't someone believe in me?"
  • "Why did everybody assume the worst?"
  • "Why was I misunderstood and reprimanded when I was trying my heart out?"
  • "Why did all those mental health professionals pretend to know more than they did?"
These really resonate with me.  I've been thinking over the past several months that it seems that central to my psyche is that no one believe me.  When I say I'm tired, they say I'm not tired, that it's depression.  

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