Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vacation perspective

Spending the holidays with family in small New England towns.  Feeling the cycle of life.  Babies are born, grow into children, become adults.  Adults marry, have children, have grandchildren, die of old age.  The cycle has been continuing for longer than our history records.

In the small towns, the pace is slower, more relaxed.  Instead of being on guard against each other, strangers smile and say hello.

People of different personalities learn to work around each other, to fit together and still be themselves. 

We sit and read, or sit and talk.  We listen.  We let each other be.

Here, there is room for me.

My normal life is not like this.  In my normal life, I don't fit.  I'm always looking for something to ease the boredom, always looking for the richness that is missing.

All those things I thought I wanted to do, they don't seem important any more.  Violence prevention, education, restorative justice, databases, spreadsheets, radio show, druidry -- they are all gone from my mind.  What is with me now is small New England towns, family, music, going for walks, reading, and learning about the histories of our small New England towns and of our families. 

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