Saturday, March 22, 2014

More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union
album by Pete Seeger and Lorre Wyatt

I really liked it when it came out.

And I sent it to  my grandmother because I thought she would like it too

Listening to CDs is too hard for her
I don't think she has listened to it

I listen to it now

I think it resonates with me even more now than it did when it first came out
It resonates because I know loss
It resonates because I am not living the life I want
Not creating the legacy I want to leave

Some lyrics:

From "Keep the Flame Alive"
togther we will tend the fire
keep the flame alive
From "Memories Out of Mud"
when those waters rise
ain't a thing that's waterproof
there's no help in sight
and we've been  three days on the roof 
From "A More Perfect Union"
our differences we can transcend
with family, neighbors, friends
as we join before
can we join again
in union
From "Somebody Else's Eyes"
we held the garden in our grip
then let it slip out of hand
From "Somos El Barco"
now the boat we are sailing on
was built by many hands
and the sea so deep and wide
it touches every sand
the voyage has been long and hard
yet we're sailing still
with a song to help us pull together
if we only will
with our hopes we raise the sails
to face the winds once more
and with our hearts
we chart the waters never sailed before
From A "Toast to the Times"
here's to the tunes
that brought us through
and the people who
passed along what they knew
here's to the friends
who've traveled on
I hear them still
when we sing their song
so here's a toast to the times that have been here and gone
it seems like everywhere I go their echos ring
and here's a toast
to all the songs we sang
and to all the songs we've yet to sing
From "Fields of Harmony"
through the fire and the flood i have come
all our years become a tale
that is told
when my days have been consumed
I will lay me down to sleep
in peace
over fields of harmony
I will fly
From "Bountiful River"
an eagle circling in heaven
fills the soul
renews the heart
the eagle and river repeating
we will never part
our spirits are mingled forever
we will never part
our love for our sons and our daughters
fills the soul
renews the heart

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