Monday, January 20, 2014

Ronald Hutton

I'm glad to be free of TV, movies, pop music, and commercial radio.  One thing that I haven't quit yet is Facebook.  I do value the way it has allowed me to connect with people who otherwise would not be in my life, and to get to know people who otherwise would just be acquaintances.  However, what I don't like is all the extreme opinions, and claims made that are not based on thorough research.  Today as I was reading Stations of the Sun by Ronald Hutton, I appreciated his thorough research.  Two books I've been reading for the AODA curriculum, The Book of Druidry and The Druid Revival Reader are not like that.  They are like Facebook -- people throwing around ideas that are not based in thorough research.  I try to view these two books as historical, as showing me how people thought in the past.  Unfortunately, Facebook shows me people still think that way, still twist things to fit their own beliefs.

I see that stuff on Facebook, and it seems to me it is too big.  There is so much that the government is doing, the corporations are doing, and we'll never understand it all.  We'll just keep throwing around ignorant opinions.

Then I read Ronald Hutton, and he is a beacon of light.  He is what I want to be -- someone who seeks and shares truth.

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