Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer slips away

Summer slips away.  I have spent so little time doing the things I like to do in summer.

So little time sitting on my balcony.
So little time hanging my laundry up to dry outside, so it smells good.
So little time wandering among the leafy green trees.
So little time rollerblading.
So little time at outdoor concerts.
So little time in a boat.
So little time by the shore.  Shore of lake, river, ocean, whatever I can find.
So little time feeling the soft grass upon my bare feet.
So little time having lunch on the hill.

Instead, it rained. Instead, it was so hot that I felt like crying whenever I stepped out of air conditioning.  Instead, I went on trips. Instead I went to parties.  Instead, I was painfully exhausted.

The trips and parties were good.  I chose to do them.  But there is only so much that can fit in one summer.

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