Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Passions beckon

I was first exposed to feminism in college.  The feminists there seemed to be about decrying two things: pornography and homemaking.  I didn't really see much wrong with either pornography or homemaking.  I believed the feminists were knowledgeable and I tried to see things their way, but I just couldn't buy into it.

Now that I'm old enough to think for myself instead of feeling I have to buy into others' beliefs, here's what I think: I don't think I would call it feminism. I would call it passionism maybe.  Being a liberated person means being able to live out your passions.  It's different for each person.  I know one woman whose passion leads her to be a homemaker.  I know another woman whose passion leads her to polyamory and sadomasochism.  I know a woman whose passion is community organizing, and another whose passion is circus arts.  So it's not that a particular path (such as homemaking) is inherently liberating or not liberating.  It's about having the freedom to follow your own unique path.

We can't all have everything all the time.  There will always be things that interfere at times with living our passions.  We all suffer disappointments, illnesses, failures, mistakes, losses. But the spark of passion burns on nonetheless, like a beacon, beckoning us to the life we desire.

Often I am far from my passions.  Often I am weighed down by my job, responsibilities, illness, fatigue, or rejection.  But still my passions beckon.  I steal moments, moments when I escape my chains and feel as free as the wind.  Often I feel stuck by not knowing how to escape my chains, but never do I wonder what my passions are.   My passions beckon.

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