Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A liberal with strong moral beliefs

In late December and early January, I quit several email lists. The main reason was because I didn't like all the contentiousness. But then, a month ago, I was once again pulled into to that debating on the internet. A conservative Christian was decrying the "liberal/secular" attitude, and moral relativism. This is what I said in response:

I do not "buy into a relative morality" nor is "the secular/liberal ideal throws up its hands and gives up" an accurate description of my beliefs. I have high ideals and strong moral beliefs. The Christianity that I was raised in was based on the principle of "that of God in everyone." I believe that to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or being polyamorous is immoral. You dismiss the article I posted as "irrelevant" and an "attempt to demonize." It may be irrelevant to you, but it is not irrelevant to me. Not everyone who condemns people based on the gender or number of partners puts a gun to someone's head, but to me, condemning people for the gender or number of their partners is immoral, and I am not a moral relativist, therefore, I voice my objection.

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