Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pantheists, polytheists, and monotheists

Some perceive a considerable gulf between monotheists and polytheists, but from my pantheist-centric point of view, I see more difference between pantheists and non-pantheists than between monotheists and polytheists.

In the article "Which God? The Real Difference Between Evangelical and Liturgical Churches," Ben Griffith, a Christian, says, "God is divine mystery." According to, "the concept of God in Sikhism is of oneness with the entire universe and its spirit." Naturalistic pagans may speak of multiple deities, but view them as archetypes, not as literal beings. These beliefs -- Christian, Sikh, and pagan -- all seem in harmony with my own beliefs. Not all who hold similar beliefs would identify as pantheists, but I feel that they do at least have a view somewhat similar to pantheism. I identify as a naturalistic pagan and not as Christian or a Sikh, and but I feel that people who hold these types of beliefs have more in common with me than do pagans who believe in deities as actual beings.

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