Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A fresh and joyful approach to life

In my everyday life, I get jaded and cynical, but my family reminds me to be fresh and joyful.

A few weeks before Christmas, my grandmother's cousin visited my grandmother and aunt in Florida. She wanted to get a stick to take back to Maine from Florida. When she got one, she seemed so happy about it that my grandmother or aunt asked what she wanted it for. She said excitedly, "I'm going to make a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!"

Every day, the first word my two year old nephew says when he wakes up in the morning is "Play." When he falls down and gets a bump, some kisses from his Mama heal all his hurts. He resumes running around the house, chortling with glee.

My grandmother's cousin is old and my nephew is young, but both find joy in life.

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