Thursday, October 9, 2008

Health was just a passing phase

I was healthy for 9 days. I was like, "What is wrong with me? I never feel this good."

But now it's the 5th day of being out of that phase.

Yesterday I took a vacation day. I meant to get stuff done -- homework, laundry, groceries. No such luck. Did not get out of my pajamas. Did not put in my contact lenses. Did not take a shower. Did not pick up the mail.

I read Arrow's Flight by Mercedes Lackey. In it the main character, Talia, was losing her grip, having a hard time doing the things she was supposed to do. But there was no one she trusted, so she just kept it to herself and tried to pass for normal. Reading that on a day when I was not healthy, I identified with that. I've found that talking to people usually just makes things worse, so I just go through the motions of being a normal person.

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