Monday, May 26, 2008

Tamora pierce

Someone gave me a list of authors and books I might like. The first name on the list was Tamora Pierce. Since, then I've been reading Tamora Pierce books. That was two years ago. Maybe someday I'll get on to the second name on the list. It's good that I've gotten years of entertainment out of this list.

Here's a list of books by Tamora Pierce that I've read so far:

    Song of the Lioness
      Alanna: The First Adventure
      In the Hand of the Goddess
      The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
      Lionness Rampant
    The Immortals
      Wild Magic
      The Emperor Mage
      The Realms of the Gods
    Protector of the Small
      First Test
      Lady Knight
      Trickster's Choice
      Trickster's Queen
    Circle of Magic
      Sandry's Book
      Tris's Book
      Daja's Book
      Briar's Book
    The Circle Opens
      Magic Steps
      Street Magic
      Cold Fire
    The Will of the Empress

Tamora Pierce books that I have not yet read (not all have been published yet):

    The Provost's Dog
    Melting Stones
    White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion TPB (co-authored with Timothy Liebe )
    "Plain Magic" in Flights of Fantasy
    "Testing" in Lost and Found
    "Elder Brother" in Half Human
    Young Warriors: Stories of Strength

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