Saturday, February 13, 2016

ADHD meme

From the Facebook page ADHD - Tales of an Absent-Minded Superhero:

ADHD is not a learned behavior
ADHD is not a discipline problem
ADHD is not a spoiled child
ADHD is not a temper tantrum
ADHD is not a choice
ADHD is not the easy way out
ADHD is not a willpower issue
ADHD is not an inability to control oneself

ADHD is a medical condition
ADHD is a chemical imbalance
ADHD is a big deal to those who suffer with it
ADHD is a a fight to fit in
ADHD is a struggle to develop relationships
ADHD is a battle to maintain self confidence
ADHD is a deathmatch between brain and body
ADHD is a Real Thing

Please educate before you conversate

That's why I hate it when people tell others just to get it together.  It's not that easy.  When you tell people what to do, you're not helping them to do it. What you are doing is eroding their self confidence.

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