Saturday, September 5, 2015


I was reading the book about mindfulness for people with ADHD.  I came to a part about writing your values.  Sort of like goals, but more big picture.  Not the things you are going to accomplish and be done with, but the things that you want to devote time to throughout your life.  I like doing things like that! In typical ADHD fashion, I put down my book and went to my computer.  In typical ADHD fashion, when I got to my computer I checked my email, replied to a message, picked out some music to listen to, played Spider Solitaire, and read Nimue Brown's latest blog post.  Now, at least half an hour after arriving at my computer, I turn to making the list.  I realize that it's a list I've made a hundred times before.  That's what people with ADHD do.  They make the list, but get stuck on the implementation.

And now, another 15 minutes after I wrote that a half hour has passed, here are my goals:
  • Home.  I want my home to be a haven.  Clean.  Uncluttered.  The things I use easy to find and close at hand.  Decorated in a way I like.  Easy access to outdoors.  Beautiful views from windows.  Sunny.  Peaceful -- no loud noises of traffic and rowdy people.  In walking distance of the places I want to go.  In the short term, I need to work on cleaning and de-cluttering, and setting up a system to keep it that way.  In the long term, I want to re-locate.
  • Outdoors.  I want to live in a climate conducive to spending time outdoors.  I want to walk, rollerblade, just sit around looking at scenery. I want to go to outdoor fairs, festivals, and farmer's markets.
  • Physical activity.  I want to dance, walk, and do tai chi.  
  • Read, write, compile.  I want to have quiet time for reading, writing and compiling.  I want to compile family history information.
  • Community.  I want to be a part of creating a community in which people treat each other with respect, seek to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and compassion, and seek to live sustainably.
  • Music.  I want to listen to music, share music with others, compile playlists, play musical instruments, and sing.  
  • Family and friends.  I want to be part of a circle of family and friends.  I want to support my family and friends, and I want them to support me.  
  • Enjoyment.  I want a life full of joy, playfulness, and contentment.

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