Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inner grove

Books that talk about meditation tell me that I should visualize my inner grove, that this will be a place I can return to time after time in meditations, a place for finding peace.  The books talk about starting by imagining approaching on a path, bridge, or stairs.  Then enter the place.  Then maybe you will be greeted by creatures who inhabit the place. Then you can explore the place.  Then you can leave using the same path, bridge, or stairs you used to enter. 

So, I have been creating my inner grove.  I'm terrible at drawing, but here's a general layout.   The entrance is on the bottom of this map.

Now, the more descriptive details:

You start by walking on a stone path that goes beside a creek.

You cross the creek on a bridge.

Then, before you is a field, with occasional trees, including maple.

In the field, you may find goats, sheep, llamas, rabbits, and chickens wandering about.

Off to the sides, there are shrubs -- lilac, hydrangea, and mountain laurel.

Ahead and to the left is the apple orchard.

Ahead and to the right is a hardwood forest, with trees including maple and oak.

Straight ahead is a forest of white pine trees, with a carpet of pine needles and boulders.

If you continue through the forest, you will come out to wild blueberries.

Beyond the blueberry hill is the granite ocean coast.

Hidden away in the forest is a cottage.  In summer, the thick stone walls keep it cool inside.  For winter, there's a sunroom in back, with a woodstove, so you can sit in a chaise chair reading, cozy and warm. 

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