Saturday, May 2, 2015


I dreamed I was talking to my cousin, who was a senior in high school.  I told her that what I do is I pick out colleges for people, pick out careers for them, and pick out names for their children.  I was thinking about what college she might go to,  maybe Oxford, NYU, Columbia, or Vassar.  She told me that she had already picked out a husband. 

I had the sense that we were just south of New York City, but we were also adjacent to the Skidmore College campus.  Her lacrosse team often played against Skidmore, and her chosen husband was a Skidmore lacrosse player.

Then we were traveling in a car or a boat or something.  I was menstruating.  I thought I was sufficiently protected, but it turns out I wasn't.  My cousin and I noticed there was a lot of blood on my cousin.  I said, "That's from me," and I could see the stream of blood from me connecting to the blood on her.  I said that I would change my protection at our next stop.

The next stop was a hospital, mostly a mental hospital.  One person in our group went with the doctor to get checked.  I was just there waiting, so I went to look for a bathroom. 

While I was walking through the hall, another doctor stopped me.  He said I shouldn't be walking around.  He was acting okay, but I knew that he was being inappropriately nosy, and wanted to find out what our doctor, who was good, was up to.  I figured it was a mental hospital so he didn't expect me to be sane, so I acted kind of dumb and crazy.  Basically, I was being blunt in a way that exposed his inappropriateness, but I was acting as if I was too naive to realize that he was being inappropriate.

In the  next scene, I was with the person I had come with and our doctor.  The intrusive doctor was at the next table, trying to spy on us.  I saw the red dot of his laser pointer, and it was like his surveillance.  The bad doctor was fumbling with a device.  It was actually a surveillance device.  Our doctor pretended not to know what it was, and pretending to be helping the nosy doctor get it out of its case, but our doctor was fumbling it a lot, messing it up, being clumsy with it, under the guise of helping, because he wanted to hinder.  Meanwhile I went on with acting crazy and too naive to know what was going on.  I was singing a song, apparently naively, which threatened to draw attention to what the nosy doctor was doing.  Meanwhile I was sauteeing cheese, flipping over slices with a spatula.  That's just what I happened to be doing at the time.  It wasn't part of my crazy act.

Then it was some days later and I was away from the hospital.  I was really grateful to our doctor for protecting us from the nosy doctor, and I wanted to send him a thank you card.  I did not know if it would get read through the surveillance program, so I just wrote thank you on the card.  I did not dare write explaining what I was thankful for. 

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