Sunday, April 21, 2013

Better times with humans

Thursday evening.  Home from work.  Exhausted.  Glad to be home away from the bizarre humans, glad for the peace of solitude.

Friday vacation day.  Slept a lot.  In the evening, spent an hour and a half talking with someone I like. I really enjoyed it.  I like people.  

Saturday a big day.  Left my house 7am, got home 10:30pm.  Around humans all day.  The people in the crowds -- I didn't know them, but I like being around them.  They are the kind of people I feel good about being with.  The people I was with -- I know them.  I like them.

A three hour trip by car.  Six hours round trip.  I spent six hours confined in a small space with them. I did not get annoyed with them.  My liking of them only increased.

I always give rides to people.  A half dozen people have been my passengers for various trips in the past few months.  I enjoy the company.  I enjoy being useful.

Sometimes I get tired though. Sometimes I feel like I'm tired of helping other people.  When is anyone going to help me?

He offered to take a turn driving. I let him.  I sat in the passenger side and relaxed.  I didn't have to be in charge any more.  I trusted him to get us home safely.

It's like when I dance with a partner.  He's leading.  I open up, listen to where he wants to take me.  I don't have to be in charge any more.  I put my trust in his hands.

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