Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Solstice Wood

Solstice Wood by Patricia McKillip.  A bit of Midsummer Night's Dream to it, a midsummer night with magical and non-magical people meandering and mixing around the forest. Four hours tonight spent in that world.  With Sylvia, hiding her self because she is afraid they will hate her if they know who she really is.  With Iris, furiously stitching away, trying to create walls to block out the unknown which she fears.  With Liam, unafraid of the unknown, opening himself to the mystery, finding beauty all around him.  With Tyler, numbing his pain by escaping into computer games.

These are the people that I am.  And then the book comes to an end and I return to the world.  The world of hacking against a boring job, struggling with incompetent and uncooperative people, the world of people treating me with scorn.  I started the book to escape this world.  But I had to come back to it.  Sylvia escaped to a magical world, and when she returned from it, she was healed.  But when I returned, it was all still there.  How do I move forward? I live in a dead end.

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