Monday, July 5, 2010

Heat wave

"Horizontal Hold" by Peter Ostroushko is a song about what to do when there's a snowstorm -- get in bed with popcorn, board games, etc.

This week, we have the summer variation, with temperatures in the 90s predicted for at least four days (I know, that's nothing to the Texans, but here in northeastern US, it's an event).  Stephen and Bridget said they were planning to stock up on popsicles and lemonade, and stay in with the air conditioning.

I like the way Stephen and Bridget, just like Peter Ostroushko,  make unpleasant weather into a cozy adventure.

Nevertheless, mostly I like weather when I can comfortably be outdoors.  Sometimes it seems winter is better in that regard, because you can be outside if you bundle up and keep moving, while in summer, sometimes there is no way to be comfortable outside.

But at least in summer, it cools down at night.  Tonight after sunset I sat out on my balcony.  It had cooled down to the mid 80's -- warmer than I prefer, but bearable for sitting outside in the dark.  I gazed at the leaves on the trees.  I think that is what I love about summer -- being able to sit outside and gaze upon leafy trees.

But there is no point in choosing a favorite season.  Though we do have some choice about where to live, the seasons are the seasons, and the weather is the weather, and hopefully we can find joy in all seasons, because life is too short not to find joy in every moment.

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