Sunday, June 27, 2010

My druid path

Druidry is different things to different people.  We must all find our own paths.  My druid path has three elements:
  1. Druids served their society as diplomats, judges, advisors, keepers of history, healers, and priests. A druid path is a path of service to humanity.  I seek to sow harmony rather than discord, and to inspire people to act with kindness, compassion, integrity, and wisdom. 
  2. Druidry is an earth-centered spirituality.   In addition to service to humanity, my druid path includes service to the earth.  The earth is our home and the source of all our sustenance.  I will try to live sustainably and be a caretaker to our habitat.
  3. In order to give the best to humanity and the earth, I must grow into the best person I can be.  I will seek to continually grow in knowledge, skill, wisdom, and compassion.  Although illness and injury are often unavoidable, I will try to live a healthy lifestyle.  I will try to act with integrity and kindness.  To aid my spiritual growth, I will engage in spiritual practices such as meditation, movement, music, ritual, and spending time outdoors.

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