Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to do with my life

I've read some things that say what to do with your life is to pursue the thing that is your calling, your passion. Just as you should not do things for the money and prestige, you should not do them because they are noble and good. You should do them because they fit you.

I've also read some things about how you should make your own things, live in small housing, etc., so as not to need so much income, freeing yourself of the need for a job.

What if I don't have a calling? What if I don't like to make my own things? Then what I'm left is finding a job that doesn't drain me too much, so that I can earn some money and have some energy left over to do the things I do want to do.

Are there things that I want to do? If I had time and energy to do what I wanted, I would
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Spend time outside, including near the ocean, grass, and trees.
  • Do physically active things including rollerblading, hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, Nia, yoga, zumba, Morris dance, jazz dance, modern dance, African dance, and Afro-Caribbean dance.
  • Do folk music things, including radio shows, concerts, and festivals.
  • Read, write, and compile information.
  • Live in a house with solar power in an eco-village with friends and relatives.
  • Support locally owned businesses and organic farming, maybe volunteering for farmer's markets and community gardens.
  • Support the raising of children such that children are treated with respect and kindness, and are encouraged to develop their knowledge, ideas, and compassion.
So, I know what I want to do with my life in some sense. But I don't know how to earn a living. Is there anything I want to do that I could also earn a living at? Is there anything I could earn a living at that would leave me sufficient time and energy for doing the other things I want to do?

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