Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On the way to and from work, I walk past the hydrangeas. At this time of year, the green leaves are growing, but there are no flowers. As I see how the leaves have been growing, it makes me happy, because I know flowers on the way. Sometimes the anticipation of something brings happiness as much as the thing itself.


  1. Found your blog in my searches about Pantheistic Quakers, which at present seems to be the best fitting label for myself. I look forward to your posts!

    Anticipation being better - reminds me of waiting to open Christmas presents as a child... :D

    Austin, TX

  2. It's nice to hear from a Pantheist Quaker. I've found Quaker Pagans on the internet, and I've found Pantheists on the internet, but I haven't found Quaker Pantheists on the internet. There is a book by a Quaker Pantheist, Standing in the Light by Sharman Apt Russell. I started it, but it was due back in the library before I finished it. (I think I renewed it the maximum number of times allowed.)