Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation is over

My vacation is over. I will be back in my office one hour from now. Before I get back into the swing of things, I want to remember the perspective I gained from my vacation. I feel like I have not yet figured out what I learned from that perspective, and already it is being whisked away.

My parents were only married for a short time. Their lives have followed separate paths. Yet it is remarkable how much consistency I felt in the sense of who I am and where I come from when I stayed at each of their homes. What did it tell me? That I come from a down to earth background. That it's normal to eat canned beans and frozen dinners, that I don't have to be a fancier cook. That I'm a country girl, comfortable in hiking boots. Working in an office, dressing up, and staying in fancy hotels is not who I really am or where I'll find fulfillment.

There were about four days when I slept at least 12 hours a night and also napped during the day. I did not go out much, mostly just stayed in and rested. After doing that, I was caught up on resting, and found I felt healthy with the equilibrium of sleeping a mere 8-9 hours a night, and being physically active no more than about an hour a day.

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