Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I hate about allopathic doctors

  1. If it doesn't fit the mold of any diseases they know, or if they can't find a physical cause, they say that there is nothing wrong with you. When I was in fifth grade or so, I was taught that menstrual cramps are all in your head. Around sixth grade, the doctors found a physical cause for them so then they decided to believe in them. Couldn't they have believed in them based on the experiences of generations of women?
  2. They want you to fit their pre-determined symptom categories. I've had symptoms which doctors classified as "muscle aches" or "shortness of breath" when those classifications really didn't describe my situation, they were just the closest the doctor could get in their pre-determined categories.
  3. They think that drugs and surgery are the only cures. My co-worker's doctor was considering such approaches for my co-worker's back pain, but then my co-worker discovered that things like using a different pillow and doing Nia helped her. Doctors should suggest those kinds of things before they jump to drugs and surgery.
I'm glad I found a naturopath. I only wish I lived in one of those states where a naturopath can be your primary care doctor.

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