Sunday, December 17, 2006

Alternative medicine

We need alternative medicine because the mainstream medical system don't know enough. They focus on prescriptions. There are so many other kinds of remedies out there that they don't know about. We need people like naturopaths because they can tell us how to actually get cured. However, thanks to pharmaceutical companies, most of the research that has been done has been on prescription drugs. There isn't as much research about alternative medicines. There's also not as much regulation. So it's a lot easier for some quackery to get in there too. But just because some quackery can get in there doesn't mean that it's all quackery. There is some research that has been done on alternative medicines, and there are some practitioners who keep up with the latest research. Alternative medicine should not be dismissed just because there hasn't been as much research funding for it. We need to be educated consumers, but we need alternative medicine, because so often, it can make your ailments so much better.

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  1. By defintion, alternative medicine has been not proven to work, or been proven not to work.

    You know how they call alternatice medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine.

    I'm not saying the medical buziness is perfect, or that medical companies are without fault. R&D done on "fringe medicine" is awesome, and have led to great stuff like the Aspirine, back in the days. However Alternative Medicine is...well... mostly quackery.

    Perfect example for that is Homeopathy, which has been proven time, and time again to be a pile of bullshit, and never once better then placebo.

    Yet, it is nowdays one the the leading fields of alternative medicine.